Thirty Physicians Attend Educational Symposium

Dr. Hochman Welcomes Physicians from Southeast
Vascular Anomalies and Hemangiomas and Malformations:
They Don’t Just ‘Go Away’

For the third consecutive year a new group of family medical practice physicians, dermatologists and pediatricians attended the Annual Educationall Symposium held by Dr. Hochman at Roper St. Francis Hospital to learn more about vascular anomalies and their treatment and referral. The attendees agreed that the discussions contained excellent educational content which would have a positive impact on their practices. They said that the knowledge they gained was essential for primary care and front line treatment of vascular anomalies. The meeting was concluded following a question and answer period.

An impressive line-up of speakers were on hand to share their expertise in the management and treatment of these malformations:

Denise Adams, MD FACP is the medical director of Cincinnati Childrens’ Hemangioma and Vascular Malformations Center. Her experience lies in the treatment of these anomalies and in the development of clinical trials for these patients.

Imran Chaudry, MD is a Neuroradiologist and Neurointerventionalist at MUSC. His areas of interest are aneurysms, AVMs, AVF, stroke intracranial atherosclerotic disease and congenital vascular anomalies. He discussed interventional radiology treatment.

Anne Comi, MD MBA is an Associate Professor in Neurology and Pediatrics at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Johns Hopkin School of Medicine. She directs the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center where patients can receive multidisciplinary evaluations and participate in research.

Marcelo Hochman, MD FACS is the Medical Director of The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation and the Hemangioma International Treatment Center. He has over twenty years of experience treating patients with vascular anomalies. Last year marked the 1000th patient such patient he has treated.

Thuy L. Phung, MD is a board-certified pathologist and cancer research scientist. She specializes in skin pathology and is a staff dermatologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Her research focuses on finding new therapy for hemangiomas by investigating the molecular pathways that drive the development and growth of these lesions.

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