How You Can Volunteer

While we appreciate every donation large or small, there are other ways you can be involved and help the Foundation. Here is a brief outline of some of those ways. You may even have your own ideas and suggestions for the Foundation and they will be greatly appreciated.

  • We urgently encourage the parents of our patients to volunteer to help us launch the Discussion on Facebook.
  • Share your experiences with Dr. Hochman on our Facebook page.
  • Send us photos or videos of your child that we may post.
  • Put us in touch with organizations or individuals who are currently involved with or have an interest in the welfare of children.
  • Provide us with possible grant opportunities.
  • Spread the word about the Foundation to your friends and family. You will discover you know someone who has a child with a vascular birthmark. If they are in need, we may be able to help them.
  • Offer to help a child who is in financial need who has a vascular birthmark. You could do this by having a fundraiser specifically for that child’s treatment. This is a wonderful way for teachers to teach children about equality, facial differences and caring for others. The Foundation will arrange to put you in touch with that child’s family and the school children can write to the child before, during and after treatment so they can see the impact they make.
  • Volunteer at one of fund raising events.
  • Offer to host a child and their family in your home whom the Foundation brings for treatment to your community.
  • Volunteer as a translator during the family’s stay in Charleston.
  • Provide transportation to a family.
  • Host an event in your community or school to benefit the Foundation.
  • Donate stocks, bonds or property as part of your charitable giving to the Foundation.
  • Volunteer computer skills to assist in maintenance of database and newsletters.

Please feel free to write, email or call.

Send your suggestions to:
2097 Henry Tecklenburg Drive
Suite 212 West
Charleston, South Carolina 29416

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