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Improving the self-image of children worldwide


We are committed to providing appropriate treatment to children who are affected by hemangiomas who do not have access to treatment or care.


In 2003, Dr Marcelo Hochman created The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation in response to a plea from a family who could not find help for their child (see Batuhan’s story). Though he had treated many children for free, it was Batuhan’s case that prompted him to get organized in order to have the largest impact possible. This, combined with the fact that one of his sons had a hemangioma as an infant, was the ultimate motivation to establish the Foundation.

Under Dr Hochman’s direction, the Foundation’s team of doctors and his private practices: Hemangioma International Treatment Center and The Facial Surgery Center have treated several hundred patients from the United States, Costa Rica, Peru, Russia, Mexico, Cypress, Turkey, and Hong Kong. Many of these children could either not afford the treatments or did not have access to care in their communities. The referrals are self-made by parents seeking help for their children or through the medical community.

In the few short years since its creation, The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation has enjoyed tremendous success and is increasingly being recognized at the local, national and international level for its work with children.

There is no other organization in the world dedicated exclusively to providing charitable treatment to children with vascular birthmarks.

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