3rd Annual Educational Symposium

Dr. Hochman Holds Physicians’ Symposium Saturday, June 11, 2011
Every year, 400,000 children are born in the US affected by a hemangioma or vascular malformation. Primary Care physicians, such as pediatricians, dermatologists and family physicians are the first to see these children. In an effort to bridge the gap between what the general medical community knows and what options are available for care of these children, The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation is hosting this medical educational meeting.

Under the direction of Marcelo Hochman MD, a recognized expert in the treatment of these children, a distinguished faculty will be teaching the course. Experts from Johns Hopkins University, Baylor College of Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical University of South Carolina will be participating. Primary care physicians from South and North Carolina have been invited to attend this half day event and receive world class education and Continuing Medical Education credits. The event is underwritten by private funds and grants to THTF. Physicians interested in attending may register online through the home page of our website.

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